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AsKep Hypertension in the Elderly Cared at Home

Caring for elderly hypertension sufferers when at home can indeed make you confused and awry, especially when trying to make food choices and physical activity that suits his condition. Find out what nursing care / hypertension care in the elderly is of a non-drug nature and you can do at home through this article. Although assisted with medication from a doctor, hypertension sufferers are also expected to be able to control and prevent the rise in blood pressure as much as possible by making adjustments to lifestyle and daily diet. In general, this adjustment is included in the management of hypertension askep in the elderly who are non-pharmacological (without drugs). Askep can be done at home while still taking drugs that have been given by doctors, and by paying attention to the risk of hypertension complications that may arise. Hypertension is a clinical condition that is often experienced by the elderly with a prevalence in this group exceeds 60 percent and continues to grow.
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Causes of white patches on the skin

Having healthy skin and normal pigmented skin is everyone's dream. However, some people often experience white patches on the skin. White patches on the skin can be caused by several things, including vitiligo, pityriasis versicolor or phlegm, pityriasis alba, hypopigmentation, and so forth. Pigmentation is the coloring of one's skin. If a person is healthy, the skin color will appear normal. In sickness or injury, a person's skin may change color, can be darker (hyperpigmentation) or lighter (hypopigmentation). Skin pigmentation usually varies depending on a person's race and genetic makeup. However, this also depends on the amount of sun exposure obtained. This Causes White Spots on the Skin White patches on the skin generally tend to make your skin color uneven, especially if you have dark skin. White patches on the skin can be affected by several reasons, including: Pityriasis versicolor / tinea versicolor or tinea versicolor Tinea versicolor is a common

Try How to Get Rid of the Fear of Riding a Plane Here

Aviophobia is the fear of flying or afraid of flying. If you suffer from aviophobia but work requires that you frequently go back and forth to a place using this mode of transportation, here's how to get rid of the fear of getting on a plane that you can try. Many factors make a person afraid of flying or boarding a plane. For example, he may have heard loud noises during a flight, experienced turbulence in a previous flight, or felt sick due to changes in pressure on the plane. In addition, aviophobia can also occur if a person is indeed afraid of heights, has had an accident when using an airplane or is traumatized, is afraid the plane will crash, or indeed has a fear of being in a crowded room (claustrophobia) which is crowded. All of these factors can be triggers that cause anxiety or fear of boarding a plane. Tips to Avoid Fear of Plane If you suffer from aviophobia, here are some ways to get rid of the fear of boarding a plane that can be practiced: Do meditation exerc

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Being optimistic about everything will have a positive impact on life. Difficult times that must be faced will feel lighter. Everyone certainly has their own way of dealing with various problems. Some deal with it with pessimism, some choose to be optimistic. Generally, people who are pessimistic, they tend to blame themselves for the failure achieved. Whereas people who tend to be optimistic will assume that every problem has positive things that can be learned. Not surprisingly, people who have an optimistic nature tend to have better mental and physical health. A study says, people who have an optimistic nature have a lower risk of suffering from cancer. Cardiovascular health and the immune system or body power, also tend to be stronger, so the quality of life can be said to be better. Here's how to become a person who is more optimistic in dealing with various problems: Positive thinking Practice the belief in mind that you can do a variety of good things in life that

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Symptoms of heart disease in women may be different from men. If during this time heart pain is synonymous with pain in the chest, conditions in women can be different. Symptoms of heart disease that occurs are not always marked by pain in the chest. There are some symptoms of heart disease that are not clear, so women do not realize that they have the disease. Even symptoms typical of heart attacks in men such as chest pain that presses and spreads to the arms, may not arise in women. Pay attention to the symptoms that arise There are some symptoms of heart disease in women that are unusual or you rarely hear. Because, these symptoms do not occur around the chest, which is the location of the heart. You must recognize these symptoms to be more vigilant. These symptoms are: Pain This pain occurs in the jaw, neck, back or arms. Pain around the arm, can also occur in the right arm. Not only the left arm like in men. Chest pain, then can spread around the lower or upper back. Th